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Tarmac Driveways Preston, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Tarmac driveways are ideal for a wide range of people, sadly tarmac is often believed to be the weak link or “ugly relation” when it comes to paving options. Some might not even consider it a paving option but it is.

The process of tarmacking a driveway is very different to using any kind of paving stones but you can rest assured because our team at Advanced Landscapes have a wealth of experience with tarmac driveways and we use only the highest-quality equipment and materials.

But what are the benefits of a tarmac driveway you ask? Well there’s quite a few and let’s get one common misconception out of the way first, tarmac driveways can be different colours. You might not get the range of designs and patterns that you would with paving stones but you do have some variety. Marshalls Registered Installers.

It also can’t be denied that a professionally installed tarmac driveway does certainly have a modern style and edge to it. But looking beyond just the cosmetic reasons a professionally installed tarmac driveway as a lot more to offer! Please contact us.


As long as it’s professionally installed a tarmac driveway can be incredibly strong, being easily able to safely hold a range of vehicles. It also won’t be badly affected by the outside elements like some paving stones are.


Another key benefit of a tarmac driveway is its durability, tarmac, when professional installed, will be very long lasting and even if repairs are needed over time they can often be applied very quickly. A small pothole for example or a crack will usually be very easy to patch over.


Finally, another key benefit of a professionally tarmacked driveway is the smoothness its offers, this makes driving across it and walking across the surface much easier and safer.

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